New features

Hi to all, On the last months we have been improving some of the DXFun Cluster features. Now we have 4 different languages available to choose from: English, French, Italian and Spanish. (Thanks to Renzo I1CHC for Italian translation).

60m band

As 1st of January Spanish amateur radio operators can use 60m band, we added a new filter on our main page. We would like to remember all of you that on your user settings you have available personal filters depending of your needs. We are working right now on some extra “one click” filters and […]

Italian, now available

Time to time we are trying to improve the design of the cluster and design also mean new languages. As you already know on September 2013, we started to translate the entire cluster into French thanks to the help received from Paul ON6DP.   This time we received the request by Renzo I1CHC to translate […]

Premium Users for 2014

Hi to all, We are finishing some new features that will be available on the upcoming days. We are working with the skimmers options and with some new exciting options available to all users. As you already know, we are working hard to improve the servers performance. Some days ago we experienced some problems


Finally all the server move has finished!!! We are still tunning some of the configuration files to adjust a better performance but all is going on the right direction. We want to let you know that with this server move, we are now able to introduce a new feature: AR-Cluster with skimmers So you can […]

New Infrastructure

During the last weeks we have been working very hard to improve the server features, and now it’s time to improve the server hardware. 1st step has been done, and right now we are trying to complete all the process. So that’s the situation, right now we have 3 dedicated servers online. One of them […]