New features

Hi to all,

On the last months we have been improving some of the DXFun Cluster features.

Now we have 4 different languages available to choose from: English, French, Italian and Spanish. (Thanks to Renzo I1CHC for Italian translation).

We have been working very hard on the online log options.

Some of this new features are:

– Import your ADIF log and manage it online.

– Have a register of your imported logs and be able to download it any time.

– When you insert a new contact on the log, you will be able to check old contacts with this qrz.

– Once you insert a new contact on the online log be able to spot it with a simple clic.

This are some of the new features that we have introduced.

We hope you enjoy it!

We remind that you can help us to maintain DXFUN Cluster with your voluntary donations via PayPal. With a simple donation you would be automatically Premium User and you enjoy more features.

More exciting features are on the way so stay tunned.

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