Italian, now available

Time to time we are trying to improve the design of the cluster and design also mean new languages. As you already know on September 2013, we started to translate the entire cluster into French thanks to the help received from Paul ON6DP.   This time we received the request by Renzo I1CHC to translate […]


Finally all the server move has finished!!! We are still tunning some of the configuration files to adjust a better performance but all is going on the right direction. We want to let you know that with this server move, we are now able to introduce a new feature: AR-Cluster with skimmers So you can […]

New Infrastructure

During the last weeks we have been working very hard to improve the server features, and now it’s time to improve the server hardware. 1st step has been done, and right now we are trying to complete all the process. So that’s the situation, right now we have 3 dedicated servers online. One of them […]

Celsius or Fahrenheits…

International web pages must be accurate with the international units to be used and we have added the feature to choose wich unit you want to use on the Cluster. So for example right now on the Gray Line Map

Search Criteria

Time to time search function must be improved due the new callsigns options and other minor database modifications so we must put an eye into this. Spots database is growing, so search criteria must be accurate.

Online User Map

Last days we have been working very hard with maps… New google maps version has been introduced as standard and old code is going to not be functional on the near future, so we have ported the maps to the new version.