Android Spots Alerts

Most of you are requesting information to install the app to your android smartphone.

There are different ways to install the aplication to your Android SmartPhone.

We are going to explain one of the ways to do it.

  • Download the app from: – here –
  • Copy the app to your SmartPhone, for example send it like an attachement to your email address.
  • Open your email using your Smartphone, and select the attachment.
  • The smartphone will ask you to Save or Install. Select install
  • Run the app and enter your Qrz and Email.

Now you must configure wich DXCC do you want to receive alerts from, so go again to: and make your selection.

Finally activate the service from the same page, answering the question:

Do you want to receive spot notifications of selected DXCC to your Mobile Phone ?

Enjoy !

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